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Author: Rudie H. Kuiter & Co-author: Tim Godfrey

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We are pleased to announce our new Fishes of the Maldives - Indian Ocean App is now available on both the App and Google Play stores.


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–  UPDATED eBooks 2019  –

$14.95 USD

  • Atlas of the Maldives eBook

    A must for anyone travelling in the region, providing a collection of detailed maps and breathtaking pictures. Fully revised and updated in 2018 together with new material.

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    The writings of Moresby, Darwin and other recent researchers, are used to explain the formation, structure and geological history of the Maldives.

    • Detailed Atoll Maps • Islands & features • History & Shipwrecks • Diving & Surfing • Wetlands & Lakes • Protected Marine Areas • Marine LIfe • Turtles & Birds

$14.95 USD

$14.95 USD

  • Marine Life of the Maldives eBook Divers and Snorkellers Guide

    A comprehensive marine life identification guide on the Maldives with over 1000 colour photographs, written by a leading Marine Naturalist.

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    Beneath the warm, clear waters of the Maldives lies a wonderful world of extraordinary sea creatures. This truly magnificent spectacle is captured in 344 pages of vivid photographs with authoritative text by one of Australia’s leading Marine Naturalists Neville Coleman.

  • Fishes of the Maldives eBook

    A complete reference book of sharks, rays and fishes for researchers, divers and snorkellers. Contains 1124 colour photographs of almost every fish likely to be seen by divers.

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    This book uses an innovative concept to allow easy retrieval and identification of species. It includes a systematic classification and detailed description for each fish, and describes points of interest and differences between similar species.

*(FREE* on the App and Google Play stores)  All species listed for Free. Unlock full information for $9.95 USD

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