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Author: Rudie H. Kuiter & Co-author: Tim Godfrey

Atoll Editions is proud to present:  Fishes of the Maldives – Indian Ocean.

Unique to the MaldivesFishes of the Maldives Indian Ocean

Stunning photographs and concise descriptions showcase creatures specific to the Maldives. Other books often show pictures and species that are not known in the Maldives. The Fishes of the Maldives however, will help you identify precisely what you have seen in the ocean. The making of the book.

Over 2 years of research

Not just a new edition - a vastly improved and thoroughly researched and updated book. New sections include Sharks and Rays as well as 93 updated species. About the Authors

Used by marine biologists

This publication is both used by, and informed by, the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Whether you are a leisure diver, marine enthusiast or a professional biologist this edition is a must. ICUN

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Fishes of the Maldives Indian Ocean

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